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5 Top Benefits – Buy an IoT Cloud Platform

by Ranjith Kumar DSM | Jul 30, 2018 | IoT Platform | 0 comments

iot cloud platform

Business today needs to work on multiple verticals to roll out great IoT Products and a great overall customer experience. The IoT Cloud Platform is one of the core components of the Implementation. Businesses trying to build everything in-house face a lot of challenges. It will be more effective to ride your IoT Implementation over an existing Platform. Here are five benefits you get when you buy an existing IoT Cloud Platform.

IoT Challenge is Wide – Build expertise on your Core

An IoT Implementation is a challenge that spans from edge hardware, firmware, industrial design, warehousing, logistics, software cloud, hosting, mobile apps, and more. The challenge for any business that builds devices or provides solutions for any enterprise as a consultant or system integrator is huge. It is harder to build expertise end-to-end across all domains vertically and horizontally. Solution business core lies on the Hardware and they should put all their efforts into building a beautiful hardware experience and partner with the other domains which helps them grow bigger and faster.

Get the best of every industry

As an IoT Platform provider, we work with many verticals and ensure the best practices of the different domains. We put them into the common platform so that every customer gets the best of the world in terms of the cloud platform and building apps over the platform. We bring in the best of the high-precision industry like Pharma, and aviation to everyone so that you provide the best experience to your customers.

Otherwise, you will be building something specific to your industry which is limited in its own context.

This expertise knowledge is something you get not only for the Cloud Platform, but also we pass on to our customers on their application side as well as the edge device development as part of the consulting for our customers.

Scaling up the IoT Cloud Platform

Who will say no to a Hockey stick growth of your business? Building a platform for managing a few hundred devices will be easy and look lucrative when builT using a few pieces here and there. Good products fail when the numbers go up. They will not be able to scale up their platform when the numbers go up more quickly than they expect it to grow. IoT Platforms are built today to scale to millions of devices easily based on the need.

Support and Extended Team

Any IoT Platform provider will provide you with round-the-clock support all 365 days to ensure that your Platform is running always. All fixes and upgrades they do will be pushed to your servers as well and make sure your Cloud servers are patched always for the best performance and security. We work as an extended team with businesses to ensure that they reach their goal faster and easier.

Save Money & Time

It needs a dedicated team to build, host and, scale up the IoT Cloud Platform and the APIs for the application building. It takes at least a year of time and effort for the team to understand the requirements completely to build a scalable and fail-proof System. An equal amount of effort and time is needed to scale up the platform for more devices and more functionality.

We provide the best of both worlds over our platform providing a ready-to-run platform and at the same time providing options to extend it at the User interface level and data analysis level, so that you can build solutions to any vertical.

Schedule a call today to learn the best practices to scale your IoT Implementation to the next level.

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