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Bevywise IoT for Education

by Ranjith Kumar DSM | Dec 09, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

iot for education

IoT is the future connectivity, Are we enabling the classrooms of today to embrace and adapt with the technology!”.

Industries of today like manufacturing, logistics and more have adapted the IoT technology transformation to build custom implementation and powerful analytical applications using AI/ML integration with IoT application framework. So are the education industry ready for the challenge to groom the students for the IoT revolution?

No problem, Bevywise IoT for education is here to guide you all the way.

Package with Benefits

Bevywise facilitates the intuitive understanding of deterministic concepts with the IoT Educational pack. For instance, with Bevywise Enterprise MQTT Broker setup in the premise, students and teachers can manipulate joint deterministic distributions to perform inference. Integrate AI/ML and configure dynamic messages into the MQTT broker. Students are granted access to write custom code, deploy AI/ML algorithms with the high extendable python hooks to customize UI with dynamic data and to visualize on own widgets and graphs to make decisions. Bevywise IoT platform provides custom MQTT clients for custom implementation for all resources in the institutions.

The available powerful Bevywise IoT Simulator allows to share interactive models with your audience, without having to install any software on their computer. It is configured to specific network and helps students to test and create IoT templates, connect multiple devices to the Manager application. Students will be able to emulate real scenarios without the real devices.

More Affordable IoT Educational Pack

Recognizing the limited budgets available for academic, we offer and released a specially-priced version of our Bevywise IoT for Education, which is specifically designed and only available to accredited academic institutions.

The FREE Student version helps individual students learn by themselves with setting up the products on their laptop. We have added more value into the Research Edition and University Edition at an affordable cost.

For more details on how you can utilize these packages for your Universities, talk to an expert or refer to the IoT for Education Page. To request a quote, please visit our IoT for Education request a quote page.

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