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Embracing IoT will drive Perfection

by Ranjith Kumar DSM | Aug 23, 2016 | General | 0 comments

problems manufacutring solves

IoT will connect the disconnected system removing manual errors to drive perfection. Sensors will rule the world. Yes Sensors are getting added fast to every device we use today. There is a lot of positiveness to it and one of the most important factor is the enhancement of perfection in everything we need.

An Exemplar

Let me illustrate with an air conditioner. Don’t think of your home air conditioning system. The home system is not mission critical. We don’t stay at every corner of the room to air conditioned uniformly. On the other hand there are lot of industries like Food & Medical Storage, medical – Hospital system, research centres, etc. There is a mandate to maintain an uniform temperature across every corner within a very short range.

As long as the area is small, the challenge is lesser. In Big software companies with open work place, temperature maintenance is a challenge. I have seen human beings running around and recording data from every temperate monitor on a routine. The recorded data is processed manually and the changes were made appropriately. When the human is involved in the process, errors do are inevitable. It leads to imperfection in terms of data errors and the decision errors.

Perfecting it with IoT

Even today we have dumb sensors everywhere for temperature monitor installed at every corner. We should replace them with IoT enabled sensors that can communicate to the central system. The air conditioning system needs an upgrade where in we can control the flow in the direction we need. i.e. we need to replace it with the machines that has control at the blade level.

The sensors need not wait for an hour to communicate the current temperature. It can just do it even at the rate of one message per second based on the need. The central system can analyse the data and instruct the blades , the compressor and literally every manageable component of the air conditioning system to work in the direction to perfect the temperature next second.

As both the feedback and the action on the data is very fast, the system will be stabilized at a faster pace. After a while there will be just receiving and processing data without any action unless there is an external factor change affecting the temperature.

Embrace it everywhere

I took an example as temperature. But everything from logistics of components in the industrial production to vehicle movement & traffic singaling change to water flow and canal management to medical and more. Mission critical operations are going to gain a lot more perfection with the embrace of IoT.

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