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IoT Device Manager – Security & Device Management Update

by Ranjith Kumar DSM | Jan 24, 2018 | Device manager, IoT Platform | 0 comments

iot device manager

We have enhanced, IoT Device Manager application with more security and Device management functionality. This update is supported in the On-demand version and the self hosted platform.

Instant Command:

Most IOT Devices that connect to the IOT Device Manager will send events. And at the same time it listens to specific commands for receiving instructions from the manager application. The manager at anytime send commands to device to active some tasks or manage them. We have added an option to send commands to specific device or a group of device as a new update.

Authentication & Access Privilege:

The new update allows you to create multiple Authentication keys for a particular set of IOT devices. And also it allow users to set access rights like Read/Write, Read Only and Write Only.

The Sensors which just sends data to the IOT Device Manager can be allowed to use the Write only keys. While an actuator valve which turns on and off flow of liquids can be used with a Read Only key. In addition, the new functionality allows right keys to be used as required for enhanced security.

We developed the Device manager to provides an option to disable a particular authentication key inactive in case of emergency or suspicious connections and You can re enable once to clear alarms.

Enhanced User Interface:

We enhanced the User Interface with a better dashboard and a cleaner look and Feel.

Powerful API for Integration:

In addition, We have added a few API’s that will help build the Mobile application or integrate any application to the IoT Platform. These API will also work on the custom hosted servers and you need to use your domain instead of http://bevywise.com/login/ in the API URL.

With an objective to allow users to easily SignUp and manage their devices, we have set up the Device manager in the Non SSL mode for the TCP and the Web socket Communication.

The Device manager can be customised and hosted in your Brand on your servers. Contact us if you are looking for a platform for privately managing your customers devices.

Feel free to contact us via support for any assistance or feedback.

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