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Killer Tips & Tricks to win the Industry 4.0 Race

by Hema | May 27, 2020 | Industry4.0 | 0 comments

industry 4.0 tricks

Industry 4.0 is gaining momentum all over the industrial world. With the endless possibilities of innovation & technology, every production manufacturers are keen in adopting automation to succeed the race. However, most of them are giving consideration to the cost for adopting new technology i.e IoT Industry 4.0 against the capital gains. Others are hell-bent regardless of whether they ought to bide their time until the battle reveals the clear-cut evidence of the gains before starting out into this untold sector. Even now, others are hurt by the extravagant promises of overly intricate and costly technologies. At the end, all of them are working to crack what actually can be done to boost their productivity. Whether a small scale, or large scale industries, they need an exact strategic plan that helps them keep their business run successfully. To put it simply they need an effective way to tackle the challenges & lead the race. How ready are you to tackle the challenges & win the race?? keeping that in mind, here we provide the killer tips & tricks for every manufacturers to handle their production problems & boost productivity with IoT Industry 4.0.

Throw off the Old Production metrics

The huge mistake that every production managers / production manufacturers doing today is believing in the raw data from old metrics. The drawback of the old methodologies is that the inaccuracy of the production data & it generates measurement errors. Struggling to gauge the volume of potential services, and lags between investments are the two drawbacks in measuring inputs when the traditional method is actually utilized in production. It is paramount to unpack the measures of productivity to understand the proximate and factors affecting productivity growth. In layman terms, “if an equipment is partially utilized or not utilized today, then the equipment is completely ignored from the productivity calculation”. This results in the incorrect measurement displaying the calculated productivity higher than the actual ones. Measuring the productivity data right is the first step to improvement. Manufacturing Productivity is a measure of how great the asset works compared to its fullest potential. OEE metric which is a direct combination of Availability, Performance & Quality which directly indicates the gap between the actual and ideal performance of your industrial operation. It reports the overall utilization of facilities, time and material for manufacturing operations. This ultimately helps the business work on the improvement of equipment effectiveness and thereby its manufacturing productivity.


Manufacturing Productivity measurements are overlooked and calculated with skewed data. Measuring it right is with OEE – A combination of Availability, Productivity & Quality is the first step to improvement. Improving OEE will improve your overall efficiency & revenue.

oee tip

Win the Downtime battle

One of the fundamental issues which manufacturers deals every day is the cost of downtime. Manufacturers wage to keep machines running figures eminently in Industry. Bringing down the cost analogous to these basic elements of manufacturing are among the most demanding challenges a manufacturer must address. A recent survey showed that the cost of a machine breakdown is more than just the maintenance labour and materials to make the repair. Roughly every industry loses at least 5% of its productivity by dint of downtime, and many loss as much as 20%. The awful part is that many of the industries are impotent to calculate the actual cost of downtime precisely. When the machines are idle, everyone’s attention will get averted from growing the business, whether it’s responding to new opportunities or innovating new products and services. Keeping an eye on how, when, where the downtime occurs will help you prevent & manage the excessive loss. A speedy move towards minimizing downtime is possible only when it is tracked precisely & cautiously. Hence, utilizing complete monitoring software that provides real-time view of shop floor will significantly provide the data on downtime events.


IoT based predictive maintenance will proactively identify machine failures & push fixes. This reduces the equipment downtime by 50%.

win downtime battle

Revamp Industrial Data Management

The conventional way of acquiring data that involves log sheets in which operators manually write down the production data will not lay out any improvement in the productivity. This is because the production data obtained can be inaccurate and the operator will frequently miss the downtime events. Then, How can they improve productivity without an accurate data? This finally results in operational waste, lost sales, productivity loss, disengaged employees & dissatisfied customers which cost manufacturing industry, $9.7M per year. An automated production monitoring system that collects data from each machine individually will report the production unit heads / operators real-time. This helps operators & production managers communicate with each other internally with an exact data to make faster decisions. Finally leading to win IoT Industry 4.0.


Better data management can improve operational productivity level 50%. Act fast with an automated data collection & monitoring.

Keep Product Quality High

According to industry experts, the most critical issue that any manufacturing environment is facing through the production process is the cost of poor quality because of its direct effect on reducing the manufacturing process efficiency and that most of the causes are hidden and not directly noticeable. This finally results in chargebacks, lost sales, product returns, rework costs, and freight costs. The true cost of poor quality includes the tally of the costs from repair, rework, scrap, service calls, warranty claims and write-off from outdated finished goods can range between 5 and 30% of a manufacturing company’s total revenues, with the range for most companies falling between 10 and 20%. With the Quality management / monitoring system in hand this can be eventually avoided. The sensor fitted with the production machines will monitor machine health parameters & equipment calibration that checks whether parameters are approaching threshold & monitor variance in equipment behaviour. This alerts the quality manager if any issues are detected & finally improving the product quality. This results in gaining customer loyalty, business repetition, acquiring customer referrals, & improved market position.


Catch the flaws before the product reaches the market. An Effective IoT based quality management will make a direct contribution to profits.

An Effective Production Monitoring System

Any production company to successfully execute the above mentioned tips requires a first-rate production monitoring system to know about the operational efficiency of their factory really. Hence, in order to achieve first-rate production efficiency, production monitoring is decisive. Moreover, when done with the right tools, production monitoring has the potential to transform an entire manufacturing industry. The perfect real-time production monitoring system could enhance the productivity and efficiency. A right production monitoring system with OEE calculation, perfect data management, downtime & quality analysis will significantly improve productivity.

throught of the week

Pace DPR, an explicit production monitoring tool has the potential to aggregate production information and makes it available to production managers with great clarity and simplicity. This will help production managers close the gap between production processes & planning & will help you lead the industrial race.

Hope the above listed Tips will help you frame the strategic plan for your production line to win with IoT Industry 4.0. To know more…..Talk to our experts to discuss about your requirements at your shop floor to improve your manufacturing productivity.

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