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MQTTRoute 4.0 - Enhanced Reliabillity, Extended Availability & Much more

by Ponlakshmi | May 08, 2023 | MQTT Broker | 0 comments

MQTTRoute 4.0

The necessity for IoT technology continues to grow in daily life and its implementation takes place in almost every sector and domain. Such technology relies heavily on MQTT Broker for the effective M2M communication and so we require a MQTT Broker with smarter functions to uplift the entire process of IoT deployment. This made us launch a free 10-device Developer Edition of our MQTT Broker with fresh smarter functionalities to empower the developers and enhance their MQTT development.

Let’s take a closer look at the most recent updates available in MQTT broker.

The following is a list of functionalities added to this upgraded version :

  • Strengthen analysis with historical data
  • Binary Support in MQTT Payload
  • Ensure system uptime with high availability
  • Additional REST APIs

Strengthen analysis with Historical data :

Analyse performance more effectively and identify future performance problems to fix them with the aid of historical data. So far only the live data can be seen. We’ve now included the capability of accessing past data as well.

Our MQTT broker supports creating custom dashboard with set of pre-built widgets to help users have better visualization specific to their application or industrial needs. These widgets assist in gaining both live as well as historical data of the devices. To explore more about widgets, refer our Broker help documentation.

In the case of historical data, you can export the data from any particular date till your desired date to have the comparison of the performance of your device.

export data

create widget

Binary support in MQTT Payload :

MQTT Payload data can be transmitted in either binary or UTF-8 formats. Only binary data is supported in real-time by some IoT devices. In comparison to other forms, binary data may be accessed more quickly, and processing binary data also requires less time. With all these advantages in mind, we updated MQTT Route 4.0 to include binary support.

To configure binary support, follow the instructions below :

  • Go to Bevywise/MQTTRoute/conf/broker.conf

Ensure system uptime with high availability :

For the IoT infrastructure to ensure that there is no single point of failure throughout the process, it is crucial to guarantee system or network uptime with little downtime even during times of peak demand. In spite of hardware or software failure, the improved high availability support architecture enables successful data collection.

For instance, look at the following architecture.

HA architecture

This illustrates that a High availability server is installed in each machine that runs the MQTT Broker. It is the high-availability server that diagnoses that the broker is about to stop running and it immediately passes the data to the next active broker, thereby preventing communication stoppage.

This helps to ensure the uptime of systems. Refer to our MQTT high availability blog for a more detailed description of the high availability setup.

Additional REST APIs :

To guarantee that the assigned functions are carried out effectively, effective edge device monitoring and management are crucial. Some API commands like collecting client information, adding new authentication keys, etc. are already supported by our Broker.

Besides that, from the users’ perspective, we believed that some additional API command features would make this even more progressive, and we have addressed all of those concerns in this update. Here are some of them :

Keeping the faster runtime in mind, we’ve also updated the Python version to Python 3.11. We believe that all these fresh features and functionalities will ease your IoT implementation.

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