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MQTT Simulator 1.5 – Everything you need to know

by Ranjith Kumar DSM | Apr 24, 2018 | IoT Simulator | 0 comments

simulator 1.5

We are happy to announce new updated MQTT Simulator which help you simulate more complex nested MQTT JSON data simulation. Here is the list of additional values the simulator can provide to your test environment.

Complex MQTT Data Simulation

Most devices today send data as nested JSON. As more than one meaningful value is packed into a message, the real world has moved on to the JSON as a default data format on all the IoT Implementations. To enable testing of such environment, we have made the simulator to publish messages that has the same kind of JSON format. You can simulate any level of nested JSON to help you test any manager application.

Emulate Real world Device Uptime

In the Real world situation, the devices connectivity cannot be uniform due to various reasons like power , network. And also the other device failure related circumstances. In order to replicate the same real time scenarios, we have added the Randomized start / stop of devices. You can specify the lowest possible uptime you would like to simulate in the networks. We will make sure the devices have an uptime that ranges from the specified value up till 100%.

For example, if you specify the minimum uptime as 91% in the MQTT Simulator, then the devices will have a uptime between 91% & 100%. The devices will be automatically stop and restart multiple times to maintain an uptime of the specified range. But Different devices will have a different stoppage time based on the random data. We are working on generating a report for uptime so that it can be compared with your manager applications report. In addition, the reports will be available in the next version of the simulator.

Flexible IoT Events

90% of the world is going to be with Sensors which are going to just publish events. These sensors sends events with different variable data and variable times. The simulator can now send events On Start , On Disconnect , For a specified time duration & For the whole day with a specified time interval , at a specified time and by a manual trigger. You can add multiple events for these each criteria and each event can have unique complete JSON with a variable data of System defined variable, RANDOM , RANGE and LINEAR data variance. These features make the simulator event generation more versatile and robust.

Refreshing MQTT Simulator UI

The MQTT simulator UI now provides a easy to view events that are published from the device and the commands received from the manager / broker application on the user interface to make the testing much easier. The User interface also has been made more cleaner for easier overall device simulation.

The Settings of the simulator like Broker Address and Port , TLS / SSL enable , Python Interceptor and Uptime simulation has been moved to the User interface for the ease of use.

Try the latest version of the Bevywise MQTT Simulator now.

We are working on integrating the simulation with the other automation tools to provide a complete test automation.

For more reference Please refer our Help document and watch our YouTube videos.

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