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Simulate dynamic messages - MQTT

by Ranjith Kumar DSM | Sep 5, 2017 | Announcement, iot simulator | 0 comments

Simulate dynamic messages

We are happy to share the recent update of the IOT Simulator which can resemble a real device and simulate dynamic messages on every message with two types of message format - TEXT & JSON.

Simulate dynamic messages

The IoT Simulator supports four types of dynamic values to be sent as part of messages.

System Variables- The messages always need to carry client specific values like Client Id, System time, etc. Besides that, the system variables help you assign these values dynamically to one of the tuple of JSON or to the Text Message.

Random - The devices often publish messages with the current states of the device. And also, these devices states are often predefined set ON | OFF or LOW | MEDIUM | HIGH or similar. Such states can be randomly generated using this dynamic type.

Range - When you want to simulate a human body temperature sensor, you often need to set a range within which the values vary. The Range can be used to simulate such scenarios. For instance, the human temperature can be set in a range of 97 deg F to 99 deg F

Constant - Every sensor need to send the details of the location of the sensor which will be fixed. Similarly for those messages, the Constant type can be used.

Utilizing these dynamic value types in the Bevywise IoT Simulator allows you to build complex and realistic simulations that closely resemble the actions of real IoT devices and sensors. This adaptability not only helps with developing and testing IoT applications, but it also gives you a wide range of opportunities for developing an understanding of how IoT system works in a variety of situations.

Download the FREE IoT Simulator now. you can simulate up to 25 devices.

Feel free to contact support for any assistance or feedback.

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