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What is Factovize EMS?

Factovize EMS gives you control over how much energy your industries use overall, which improves all technical workflows. It makes it plausible for businesses to succeed in lowering energy expenses as well as other associated costs, improving control over technical operations, boosting productivity, and ensuring the stability of processes.

Cease the Leakage

Diminish the power that is emitted during peak hours while also conserving the energy that is being lost via leakage

Govern Utility Expenses

Create more precise budgets and acquire a deeper understanding of operational costs by evaluating utility expenditures

Access Easily

Accessible at any time and from any location in the world

What does EMS offer?

oversee energy depletion

Oversee Energy Depletion

Monitor energy consumption in real-time to ensure the stability of the processes. To refine the technical processes and manage the energy, the manufacturing industry needs a real-time visual representation of the whole manufacturing production process. The live dashboard helps to view the real-time status of your entire production process and audit the energy spent. You can drill down deeper into each machine to know the amount of ampere, frequency, and voltage used in real-time.

gain roi quickly

Gain Return On Investment quickly

By saving 50% – 70% of power annually, Return On Investment (ROI) can be gained within 2-3 years. The characteristics like reducing the power output during peak hours, and assisting you in detecting energy inefficiencies, speed up the process of gaining return on investment.

compare data

Examine and Compare the Data

With our energy management solutions, energy managers can obtain data as graphical reports directly from the assembly line when they require it to make smart decisions at the appropriate moment. Reporting ensures effective power efficiency by letting you know how much energy is being used. It also permits you to analyze and compare the parameters like frequency, leakages and so on with the previous data.

realistic view

Obtain a realistic view of energy usage

Optimize your production line by collecting and analyzing every important piece of data related to energy usage. To help manage the danger of rising electricity expenses and lower the possibility of supply shortages, Factovize EMS gives energy managers visibility into the energy consumption of each machine department-by-department.

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