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Bevywise IoT Gateway – Security, Bridging & more

by Ranjith Kumar DSM | Jul 4, 2017 | IoT platform, MQTT Broker | 0 comments

Bevywise IoT Gateway

The IoT Gateway that comes inbuilt inside the MQTT Broker is enhanced to be secure and inter operable with other platforms.

Secure your devices:

IoT mandates central platform to connect every device and sensors for sending and receiving messages. Besides that The IoT Gateway isolates the devices behind the firewall to get isolate from the internet. The gateway acts as an intermediate devices to transfer messages between the edge devices and platform. We do support aggregation of messages and transparent transfer of messages.

Works with Any IoT Platform:

As the communication between the IoT Gateway and the central platform is via MQTT, the IoT Gateway can work with any platform like Azure IoT, AWS IoT, Google Cloud IoT Platform and more that listens and accepts MQTT connections.

Support for Devices & Bridging:

This version add support for accepting MQTT Devices in addition to previously supported sensors. The devices can connect via MQTT protocol to the gateway. This helps the IoT Gateway to act as a bridge for the local MQTT devices.

Bluetooth support for Sensors:

We have added support for the Bluetooth connectivity for the sensor devices. You can now connect your edge sensors to the IoT Gateway via Bluetooth.

Data Encryption:

We are more concerned about the security of the data that is being transferred at all times. We support the SSL encryption for all the data sent over the network from the edge devices to gateway to the IoT Platform. You can use your own certificates by doing the necessary configuration to enable the secure communication.

The gateway can run on the Raspberry Pi and can be customized to store data locally and a User interface to manage local devices. In addition, the IoT Gateway can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

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