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Comprehensive Features for Seamless
IoT Management

Highly Available

Highly Available

High available MQTT clusters for all models

Ensure the broker works consistently by developing a cluster setup that collects data without any failures. The high availability mode will avoid any software/hardware failure preventing data loss. This makes it possible to instinctively scale to catch up with the requirements of any IoT application/solution.

Run Anywhere

Run Anywhere

On-premise & cloud-based options to choose from

Freedom to choose the right kind of MQTT server implementation for your application. Local IoT applications are likely to benefit from a ready-to-deploy, self-managed broker without deployment lock-in. And a fully managed MQTT broker that requires no server management & maintenance.

Try our versatile MQTT broker available in various options to suit diverse deployment needs:

On-premise  |   Cloud-hosted   |   Azure Marketplace   |   AWS Marketplace

Flexible Integration

Flexible Integration

Seamlessly integrate with your Application & Data Storage

A quick, easy & faster integration of your data with any enterprise systems via RESTAPIs . This message broker seamlessly integrates with a variety of process & production management apps. (Eg: Node-RED & others) It unifies these applications, enhancing your application's functionality significantly. It guarantees streamlined operations, enabling precise access to data whenever and wherever necessary.


Connect your Devices

Interoperable with all MQTT clients & devices

Compatible with all standard MQTT Clients and MQTT-SN Clients . It securely connects any devices, sensors, and backend systems via MQTT (MQTTv3.1 & MQTTv3.1.1). The scalable connection ensures robust and secure operations. Use Eclipse Paho, Mosquitto, C-based, or other open-source MQTT clients.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Manage your field IoT devices on the Go

Mobile Apps are the perfect choice for quickly accessing & subscribing to messaging data anywhere, anytime. The Broker App enables convenient and swift remote monitoring and tracking of devices on your Android smartphone.

enhanced security

Enhanced Security

Secure Device Communication

Ensure the utmost security for your device communication through our built-in MQTT authentication feature. Establish robust SSL/TLS connections for your devices to safeguard your data. Boost your security posture by enabling X.509 certificate authentication for connected devices. This proactive measure fortifies your defenses, ensuring a robust shield against potential threats.

configure rules

Configure Rules

Generate real-time alerts for enhanced IoT control

Seamlessly define triggers to monitor specific data patterns. Effortlessly set rules to execute predefined actions based on incoming data. Harness real-time alert generation. This guarantees timely notification of important events & empowers quick responses to potential problems.

create dashboard

Create Dashboard

Visualize data by creating a custom dashboard

Build custom dashboards with the help of 10+ pre-built widgets to monitor the data in real-time. Analyze data from the past to discern specific trends. Visualize graphs for two distinct sets of data from similar and different devices. Generate and download all insightful reports for devices.

choose Bevywise MQTT Broker

Customize your UI

Enhanced IoT Visualization and Control

Gain powerful visualizations of IoT data & monitor devices remotely with real-time intuitive dashboards. Customize or extend UI modules to view data as live charts or graphs, tailored to your industry needs. Achieve this through incredible MQTT configuration options available for data visualization tools. Add your widgets & notifications to the Bevywise MQTT Broker UI as your industry needs.

Why choose Bevywise MQTT Broker?

create dashboard

  • Our MQTT broker ensures robust communication through TCP/IP for reliable data transmission.
  • With support for various Quality of Service (QoS) levels, including QoS 0, we prioritize message delivery and reliability.
  • Leveraging both the MQTT and MQTT Sparkplug B protocols, our broker ensures seamless communication, efficient data transfer, and compatibility with both IoT and Industrial IoT (IIoT) environments.
  • Crafted for both IoT and IIoT, our MQTT Broker excels in efficiently managing MQTT topics and ensuring optimal message delivery for diverse applications.

Try our robust broker in diverse

Our secure MQTT broker is accessible for use on both Azure Marketplace and AWS Marketplace.
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What Our Clients Say!

Celikler Holding

Ihsan Gulec, Measurement & Control Engineer, Celikler Holding, Turkey

“Bevywise MQTT Broker is a very reliable, powerful, and a very affordable solution. The support understood our technical issues and solved them efficiently. We are happy for our decision to choose Bevywise for our Industry4.0 Implementation.”

Rico De

Ian Rowatt, TIMETALE Pty Ltd.

“Bevywise is a trusted international partner for Timetale’s CareForMe subscription service. The capability of the Bevywise MQTT Broker to scale up confidently and flexibly to manage 100,000 concurrent subscribers in Australia and at least 1 million subscribers in USA will generate a future story of potentially huge income and profits for investors and business partners.”

Shan Lin

Shan Lin Chin, eFon Technology, Taiwan.

"The team at Bevywise Networks is IoT domain and technology experts. Their expertise helped us converge on our implementation much easier and faster. We would be happy to recommend Bevywise for any IoT Implementation."

Rico De

Rico De Feijter, Kraker Trailers B.V, Netherland

"In the beginning we had some trouble setting up MQTT Route with MySQL, but the terrific team of Bevywise stood by us and helped us solve the issue in a fast and good manner. We can really recommend Bevywise as an MQTT partner to the other."


Ashwin K.P, Promethean Energy, India

"We have been using MQTTRoute for our IIoT applications at Promethean Energy. From the stress tests we have put the software through, it scales up seamlessly, which is critical for any such applications."

How Customers Use MQTT Broker?

A detailed story on how MQTT Broker is used today by our customers

Power Plant Monitoring

Power Plant Monitoring

Celikler Holding is one of the largest companies in the Energy sector. They use MQTTRoute for secured publisher and subscriber communication between the power plants and to monitor and manage power generation from anywhere

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Home Security

Home Security

Efon Technology provides the best home security solution for their customers. They use MQTTRoute as a middleware to collect & ensure devices can publish messages / publish data for their home security systems with video surveillance.

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