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Configure your MQTT Data Storage

  • Pre-built storage options to move and process static MQTT data to MySQL & payload to Elastic.
  • Extend the custom storage functionality to push data to any of the analytics or big data engines.
  • Hook the data up and send it to any data visualization tool for Powerful analysis and decision-making.
  • Add event-based triggers and notify the dashboard with a comparison of the event data and the processed data.
  • Define data retention policies to determine how long your MQTT data should be stored. This allows users to optimize storage space and manage data based on specific needs.
  • Enabling MQTT persistence will allow users to ensure that no data is lost during any instances. Provides reliable storage and delivery of MQTT messages.
Store-data in any database

Store data in any databases

  • SQLite storage for a lightweight IoT Implementation, a low amount of data transactions, and a smaller number of clients.
  • Store MQTT data to MySQL / Elastic which can be queried by your application for advanced visualization.
  • MongoDB storage plugin to handle complex data easily and for powerful analysis.
  • Supports data transformation options. Allow users to manipulate and format the data to meet the requirements of the database schema.
  • Ensures that MQTT messages are reliably stored in the configured database. It occurs despite the presence of intermittent connectivity or unexpected failures.
Integration with message queuing system

Integration with message queuing system

  • Supports integration with Kafka , a message queuing system to reliably process a stream of data.
  • Add MQTT device data to Redis to query or update values in the Redis database and optionally store the result on the work process payload.
  • Google Pub / Sub to collect data from any IoT applications and hook data to send it to data analytics tools to capture events for simple, real-time analysis.
  • With your MQTT data stored in the database, you can easily integrate it with data analytics and reporting tools. This integration enables you to perform advanced analytics, generate visualizations, and extract actionable insights from your MQTT data, facilitating data-driven decision-making.
Advanced application integration

Advanced Application Integration

Integration with enterprise systems

Integration with Enterprise Systems

  • REST-based APIs to control and manage the IoT devices from the manager application.
  • Flexible integration with ERP / business management applications.
  • REST APIs to build customer and use case-centric, mobile / desktop, and web applications.
  • SDK over Rest API for the IoS and Android for Solution providers to build their mobile apps by just designing the User Interaction.
  • Flexible integration with ERP / business management applications. This compatibility ensures that your MQTT infrastructure can seamlessly communicate and exchange data with your existing enterprise systems.
  • Supports bi-directional communication. Enables both sending & receiving MQTT messages to & from MQTT clients.

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