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Build a Fleet Management System with Ease

by Lakshmi Deepa S | Jul 28, 2020 | MQTT Broker | 0 comments

fleet management

IoT technology is used to make the transportation and logistics industry increasingly effective and solid. Fleet management systems play an important role in the transportation system. Here we have depicted the Bevywise MQTT broker which gives the technology required to track associated fleets. Bevywise MQTT broker is a profoundly extendable, adaptable, and versatile MQTT Broker utilized for gathering information from IoT edge devices in which it is easy to transfer data to and from associated vehicles in a dependable and quick way. This documentation provides developers with a comprehensive guide to use this IoT application framework to track associated fleets.

MQTT Implementation

Fleet management is now made simple with IoT. It offers a high return on investment, improved fleet optimization, operator safety, and reduced fuel costs. Nevertheless, it faces some challenges in managing fleets. One of the biggest challenges is bidirectional messaging and real-time connectivity resulting in loss of connection and significant network latency. Bevywise MQTT broker facilitates the reliable and fast transfer of data to and from connected vehicles.

The MQTT broker Fleet Management System enables you to maintain a continuous connection between the vehicle and the cloud, ensures reliable data transfer between vehicles and the cloud, setting up a secure TLS / SSL connection, deploy MQTTBroker and run it in a private or public cloud and integrate messaging data with other existing business systems.

The factors that affect fleet optimization are:

  • Live Tracking and Notifications
  • Outing History
  • Fleet Safety and Security
  • Charts and Reports
  • Fuel Management
  • Admin Console

Live Tracking and Notifications

The intuitive dashboard exhibits real-time information from vehicle sensors and gathers it using MQTT to create notifications. The collected data is stored on the MySql. For powerful visualization and analysis of data, you can use Advanced data storage for custom usage to store your data in Elastic Search or other data engines. Coordinate your ML Algorithm into the Python assembled MQTT Broker and get your data ready for decisions. Direct the incoming real-time events and guide it to your ML engine utilizing the scheduler module to make custom alerts and notifications.


fuel consumption

Outing History

You can create historical graphs and charts, to preview and download any vehicle’s historical data for a specific date range. You can also check the details of any previous trip, including distance, fuel mileage, and driving conduct during the excursion. The history graph provides a comparative report of payloads issued on two different days, months, or years. You can also download the graph as a PDF.

outing history

driving behaviour

Fleet Safety and Security

Control hasty driving behavior, such as excessive speed, sudden acceleration, and braking. The IoT platform and Mobile SDK are tightly integrated with the firebase cloud messaging system, which sets burglar alarms on the phone to let you know if the vehicle is driven without permission. The web platform is also integrated with the WebSocket-based notification engine for notifications in the web user interface. Real-time driving behavior dashboards and charts let you understand the intensity of hasty driving and take the appropriate action.

safer drive

safer score history

Charts and Reports

Consequently get reports of distance, driving time, fuel expended, and other indispensable data to lessen manual slip-ups and improve consistency. Get definite vehicle use, fuel, driver execution, and other downloadable reports of your fleet to improve assets and increase productivity. The report tab in MQTT broker has build-in visualization, in which the users can visualize the data in a chart or graph. The reports can also get downloaded in which it is stored in the big data engine in the back-end and automatically converted to PDF.



Fuel Management

The fleet costs can be reduced by observing fuel utilization and inefficient driving conduct. The intuitive dashboard gives you the permeability of all viewpoints including fleet usage, driving conduct, fuel utilization patterns.

The developers can create widgets for measuring fleet usage, driving conduct, fuel utilization patterns. All widgets created by the developer are placed on the interactive dashboard which gives you the permeability of all viewpoints. The following code snippet is used to build a custom URL inside custom_ui_server.py.

def custom_urls():
return urllist

fuel consumption

fuel mileage

Admin Console

Manage multiple users on the platform with appropriate privileged access through the Admin console. Admin console has an elegant Dashboard that gives brief details about the organizations to manage drivers and assign them to specific vehicles. Bevywise MQTT broker provides an API for integrating relevant data into internal enterprise applications. This allows the server infrastructure to provide the opportunity to consolidate, collect, store, and test various vehicle information and the impact of test results with clients and end users.

interactive mqtt dashboard

Feel free to write to support for a complete Demo.

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