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Industrial Automation & IIoT – 5 Key Benefits

by Hema | Sep 24, 2019 | General | 0 comments

industrial automation

Rising technologies and expediting innovations are invariably changing the makeover of Industrial world in one form or other. Development of IoT is considered as one such major event that has become inevitable for majority of Industries. The future of automation and manufacturing is in the hands of IoT which is the real game changer of modern day Industrial revolution. Industries are striving hard to achieve better productivity, management of processes & assets in order to lead the race of Industry 4.0. Therefore, Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) assist them in providing high speed & efficient system in running flexible production processes. This blog discusses about the impact of IoT in Industrial automation.

IoT – The key for Industrial Automation

In the era of smart manufacturing, Manufacturers & Industrialists in every sector have a significant opportunity at hand where they can not only monitor but also automate any of the complex process involved in manufacturing. While there may be systems to track progress in plant but IoT technology provides far more intricate details to managers. IIoT enables Industries to operate in a much potent way with sophisticated software tools to monitor and boost for next process iterations. The goal of sound Industrial internet strategies is to breakdown organizations process, data & automate the collection of data across operation. It provides deeper, wider, & smarter analysis of data to an enterprise.

Predictive analysis

The industry should consider & analyse multiple factors to have an effective smooth functioning. The journey from precise functioning of machines to achieving the goal of quality standards, everything needs to be analysed. IoT connects components such as machines, tools & sensors to a networks providing an easier management & access for manufacturers. This helps them detect machine degradation & predict failures without any personnel to check for machine impairment on a daily basis. The Application learns from data over time and co relates multiple KPIs to detect failure in advance.

Assets Tracking

If the manufacturers didn’t track the work in progress (WIP) right, the overall cost of production will increase. This is especially for factories that manufacture products based on their customers’ order. Real-time tracking is a great asset for enterprises as they work from remote locations. IoT assures them to easily track devices, stocks & many other resources. The IoT powered solutions like ERP system can securely track equipment & machines remotely enabling Industries to save money, reduce risks & create new revenue channels.

Better Product Quality

Any Industry can run great if their product quality is superior, enabling high sales, less wastage & boosts productivity. However a faulty machine can hinder product quality. IoT helps in calibrating, sustaining machines and ensures the better production & product quality. Any fault or change in machinery can be sensed & alerted to take immediate & appropriate actions. The product quality metrics can be co related to produced on the daily basis to estimate the exact completion time and the exact loss due to the quality issues.

Diminishing Downtime

IoT is capable of detecting machine failures & losses through sensors. Devices when connected via internet can improve overall performance & resolve problems while minimizing downtime costs. This helps in detecting glitches at the shop floor and record the data in order to avoid delays & minimize downtime.

IoT enables Industries to gain more visibility, collaboration on the three key factors of Machine, Material & Man against time and streamlines it; helping them to ease industrial race.

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