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digital factory

Embrace innovation and spearhead the era of the Digital Factory

Strategize and cultivate culture to create the new fuel - DATA, the key to creating a multi-dimensional perspective to prevailing operations & efficiency using the web3 technologies & AI/ML to become a leader in the Industry.

punctual delivery

Ensure punctual delivery every time - Monitor your shop floor remotely

Track your ongoing execution schedules with reference to your plan from time to time to manage the delivery on time with our Smart Factory solutions. Dynamic rescheduling and close quality tracking help create happy customers and outcomes.

data-driven decision

Delight customers with your data-driven decisions

Digital quality records and end-to-end traceability enable thorough tracking of any performance issues that may arise during real-world product usage. This collaborative approach with customers enhances value for end-users.

streamline operations

Streamline operations to cut down on costs

Perfectly track machine KPIs like Utilization, and performance on an hourly basis as data, graphs, and alarms in association with the plan/product to understand and eliminate unacceptable cost incurred on each work order.

gather data from any machine

Gather data from any machine on your shop-floor

Powerful Edge Device/Application to acquire data from machines at your shop-floor irrespective of the machine make and model. Acquire process parameter and machine metrics data directly from the PLCs.

product lifecycle traceability

Achieve complete product lifecycle traceability

An in-depth analysis of process parameter metrics across various process flows and their interrelations is essential. This is critical for predicting and comprehensively analyzing production issues and runtime challenges. Our MES solutions not only provide this analysis but also function as a comprehensive production monitoring system, enabling you to predict and address these challenges while achieving unparalleled transparency in your entire production process.

manage materials

Effectively manage materials and forecast requirements

Digitize your store management of raw materials, consumables, tools and everything from inward to distribution to shop-floor, management of finished products. Understand and manage inventory and costs efficiently to optimize your operations and increase profitability.

Interested in forecasting your manufacturing plan's success rate?

Our PlanInsight tool, a module of our MachineTwin AI bundle, forecasts your next shop floor plan, guiding attention to machines, operations, and operators to meet customer commitments. Analyzing past records, it offers insights for performance optimization and informed decision-making, enabling effective strategizing for optimal results.

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