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process data

Process data & Product

  • Facilitates the traceability of raw materials, components, and sub-assemblies used in the manufacturing process by capturing and documenting detailed information about their origins, suppliers, and procurement history.
  • Enables the manufacturing traceability of production processes, workflows, and operations throughout the entire production lifecycle by capturing real-time production data, process parameters, and operational metrics.
  • Manufacturers can track and monitor each step of the production process, identify process variations, and ensure that production activities adhere to predefined quality standards, regulatory requirements, and industry-specific compliance measures.
  • A comprehensive record of quality control and inspection activities and the traceability of product distribution, shipment, and delivery activities. This is to track and monitor product movement, logistics operations, and delivery schedules from the production facility to end customers or distribution channels.
Compliance data preservation

Compliance data preservation

  • Adheres to regulatory data retention requirements by implementing data preservation policies that align with industry-specific regulations and compliance standards. Ensures that critical manufacturing data, including production records, quality data, and audit trails, is securely stored and accessible for the specified retention periods as mandated by regulatory authorities.
  • Leverages encryption protocols, access controls, user authentication mechanisms, and data encryption technologies, to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of manufacturing data, preventing data tampering, unauthorized data modifications, or data loss, and maintaining the highest levels of data security and protection throughout the data preservation lifecycle.
  • Establish robust data backup and recovery procedures to ensure the resilience and availability of manufacturing data in the event of data loss, system failures, or unforeseen disruptions if it is deployed on our premises. The backup of the data can be performed based on the customer's need if it is hosted on their premises.
  • Based on the data relevance, criticality, and retention requirements, we can establish data archiving policies, automate data retention schedules, and facilitate data disposal procedures to optimize storage utilization, streamline data access, and ensure the compliant preservation and management of manufacturing data throughout its entire lifecycle.
Relate data across multiple processes

Relating data across multiple processes

  • Facilitates interprocess data integration by aggregating, harmonizing, and correlating data from diverse manufacturing processes, production lines, and operational units into a centralized data repository. With this seamless data integration across multiple processes, manufacturers can consolidate production data, streamline data exchange, and enable cross-process data analysis, fostering a holistic view of production operations and enhancing decision-making capabilities.
  • Enables cross-functional data mapping by linking data points, metrics, and performance indicators across different manufacturing processes, departments, and functional areas, such as production, quality control, inventory management, and supply chain operations. Manufacturers can identify process interdependencies, assess performance correlations, and facilitate data-driven insights across multiple processes within the manufacturing environment.
  • A unified process monitoring and control capabilities, allow manufacturers to monitor, manage, and control interconnected manufacturing processes and operational workflows from a centralized dashboard or control panel. Manufacturers can gain real-time visibility into cross-process data trends, performance metrics, and operational KPIs, facilitating proactive decision-making.
  • Cross-process analytics and reporting functionalities, enable manufacturers to analyze, visualize, and report on integrated data insights, process performance trends, and operational benchmarks across multiple manufacturing processes and production units. Manufacturers can identify process bottlenecks, assess production variations, and implement data-driven strategies to enhance process coordination, mitigate operational risks, and maximize manufacturing productivity

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