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operator & machine console

Operator & Machine Console

  • A unique interface for operators to track and monitor machines allocated to them.
  • Operators can efficiently record and track events of machine downtime, allowing them to input detailed information regarding the reasons for downtime events.
  • Also, with the ability to raise a support ticket to the maintenance engineer in case of machine breakdown.
  • They can even utilize the interface to log and document instances of product or component rejections along with reasons during the manufacturing process.
  • They receive timely alerts and notifications through the interface, informing them about scheduled tool changes and maintenance activities for the assigned machine.
supervisor control

Supervisor Control

  • The separate interface for supervisors enables comprehensive monitoring and analysis of machine performance across all machines within the designated process/department.
  • Supervisors can access real-time and historical data on key performance indicators, including Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), production output, downtime, and equipment utilization.
  • Raise and track maintenance-related issues, schedule service requests, and monitor the resolution of maintenance tasks to ensure timely equipment servicing and minimize production disruptions.
  • Receive prior notifications facilitating proactive planning and coordination of tool change activities, ensuring that production schedules remain uninterrupted
alarms at your hand

Alarms at your hand

  • Manufacturers will receive real-time alerts and notifications on their mobile devices, enabling them to stay informed and promptly address critical events and production-related updates.
  • The timely information and actionable insights, ensure that operators and supervisors can effectively monitor and manage their assigned production processes, regardless of their location within the manufacturing facility.
  • Alarm at the hand can actively engage manufacturers in the effective monitoring, management, and optimization of production processes, fostering improved communication, and streamlined decision-making within the manufacturing environment.

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