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maintenance request & resolution

Maintenance request and resolution

  • Empowering operators to promptly raise maintenance requests directly from the operator interface or mobile devices. Operators can report machine malfunctions, performance issues, or any anomalies observed during the production process, providing detailed descriptions of the maintenance requirements and the specific machine involved.
  • Seamless integration between operators and the maintenance team, ensuring that maintenance requests are immediately relayed to the relevant maintenance personnel for quick resolution.
proactive machine care

Scheduling a proactive machine care

  • Perform systematic planning and execution of scheduled maintenance tasks to ensure the continuous and optimal performance of production machines.
  • Supervisors can detect early signs of wear, deterioration, or potential malfunctions, enabling the scheduling of timely maintenance interventions to prevent unexpected breakdowns or production disruptions.
  • Planned Maintenance can be pre-configured enabling supervisors to receive alerts prior to the date and to refine their workflow accordingly. The system automatically streamlines the assignment of this task to the designated maintenance team.
maintenance workflow

Maintenance Workflow

  • Maintenance Engineers can be involved in a systematic process of managing and executing maintenance tasks, from initial acknowledgment to the completion of maintenance activities.
  • They receive the captured and recorded details of the reported issues, including the nature of the problem, the affected equipment, and any relevant contextual information, and acknowledge to initiate the maintenance flow.
  • The assigned maintenance personnel execute the prescribed maintenance tasks, to address the reported equipment issues and update the end status. The system facilitates real-time updates and progress tracking of maintenance activities, allowing supervisors and operators to monitor the status of ongoing maintenance tasks.
  • As part of the flow, the system calculates the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) metrics to evaluate equipment reliability and maintenance performance. This enables manufacturers to optimize maintenance strategies to enhance reliability and minimize downtime.

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