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Modbus IoT Data integration with MQTT Broker

by Ranjith Kumar DSM | Dec 11, 2018 | MQTT Broker | 0 comments

modbus integration

Industrial automation is not new. But it is time to create a better modbus iot integration for a deeper understanding of your data and also manage your devices in a efficient way.

In the Industry 3.0, devices are managed in an isolated fashion. From late 1960s to early 19790 PLCs , DCS and few more ways to automate the simple process came into existence. In addition, With the introduction of Modbus, programmers were able to mange them and automate a few of the process in a localised fashion.

But these machines are still managed in the same isolated way in many industrial sectors. However It is time to integrate them for a more productive outcome. Over the last weekend, we tried writing some code to integrate data received from Modbus/TCP into MQTT Broker. The integration was very simple and straight. But one of the major challenge is the association of the data we read from the Modbus Server to the actual spec as provided by the Manufacturer.


We have used Bevywise MQTT Client for creating the gateway to push the Modbus data and the MQTT Broker. This MQTT client will work with all the MQTT 3.1 & 3.1.1 supported Server. You can download the MQTT client for your operating system from the Broker help page.

Modbus Client

We used the pymodbusTCP python implementation of the Modbus iot gateway. This will querying the data from the Modbus TCP Server. Using the pymodbusTCP implementation, you will be able to read and write data into the the memory registers & Coils of your equipment.

Modbus IoT Integration

We have written a sample PoC python script which will read a particular set of holding register data. And also it pushes it to the MQTT Broker every 5 seconds. You can download the script here and also can update your Equipment IP and port on the script.

You can either run the MQTT Broker on your local machine or point the script to send data to the Device Manager. For running in your local machine Download the MQTT Broker. Try our MQTT Broker for FREE and experience seamless connectivity.

You can download the complete working version of the Modbus IoT Integration scripts. We are working a full fledged script which can make the Modbus IoT Integration much simple. We will be happy to collaborate with you to provide best possible solution for your IIoT problems.

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