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Automate device actions

  • Scenario-based rules to actuate your edge devices by intelligently transforming the incoming messages
  • Scheduled triggers to communicate in a seamless M2M method & trigger one or several actions with event-based and timer-based rules.
  • Create and process real time actions/IoT events to simplify your IoT application development.

Minimize your message flow

  • Edge Devices work with low processing power and do not have the luxury of analyzing all the MQTT messages. Therefore, the MQTT Broker transforms and pushes only the relevant messages to the MQTT Clients.
  • Clear message rules defined allow minimizing the number of topic subscriptions. It also reduces the number of messages transferred in the network.
  • The MQTT server can be configured to send an ā€˜Nā€™ number of MQTT messages to multiple Python MQTT Clients for a single message received from any client.

Generate alerts

  • Transform real-time data streams into actionable alerts for effective monitoring & management of your devices.
  • Send alerts/notifications on Mobile , Web UI & Email.
  • Users can create condition-based rules to create alert events based on topics or messages received. The Alert event contains a topic and an alert message. If a subscriber subscribes to this topic, an alert message will be sent to the subscriber.
  • The rules can be re-arranged based on a schedule for repeated tasks. It can be scheduled within a data range or on a specific date or a day of the week.

Let's get started!

Seamlessly Craft Triggers and Rules for Optimal Performance

Download our MQTT broker to turn real-time data into actionable alerts for IoT device monitoring