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MQTT Broker integration using REST API

by Hema | Oct 13, 2020 | Announcement, MQTT Broker | 0 comments

mqtt broker integration

In today’s world, the enterprise application system is incomplete without providing a way to integrate with other systems. Ergo, MQTT Broker integration with your application is very crucial for any process / production management application in Industrial and Customer implementation. To make such implementation feasible, MQTT broker supports many integrations which include Relational DB, Data storage, Queue integration, Application integration, Social integration & finally Application/Mobile integration using REST APIs. Bevywise MQTT broker, MQTT protocol based publish subscribe model was built with options to store data into any back end data storage via the custom data store. You can visualize the data by storing the data into the storage. In addition, you can use the ready to use plugin to store data to Elastic and MongoDB. In addition, our recent update on MQTT Broker comes up with an extension to store the data in any of the big data engine. It is helpful for powerful analysis & data hooks for any custom integration.

We are still working hard to make the MQTT Broker work more seamlessly with any of your application. Hence, we support the availability of APIs in our MQTT Broker with some additional interactions through which your IoT Application can manage your edge devices via the MQTT Broker.

Need of REST API Integration

In the digital world, the huge number of cloud / mobile applications & IoT devices keep on rising. Hence the businesses are trying to find a beneficial use for these emerging sources. Any how, the biggest challenge lies in integrating these applications with other business operation systems to bring together into a unified whole which can be easily shared within one’s businesses. This is where REST APIs comes in, which permits the interaction between applications & servers to boost the product functional capability & getting data where & when they need it, creating an overall well-connected eco-system.

For example, in order to manage & control business / enterprise assets some organizations make a choice of cloud-based systems. Earlier, Business measures which have been stored within an existing organization are now locked behind such a third-party applications and web interfaces. Business’s need this information to make data-driven decisions, & APIs make that possible. APIs will break down the data access by defining the interactive commands for the application systems. Furthermore, APIs can also be used in the third-party integration tools to call for the data. They can be integrated with other application systems to process business inquiries.

MQTT Broker integration with REST API:

While building an IoT application, there is a need to control and manage the edge devices from the manager application. REST API will help you control your edge devices via the MQTT Broker with API request. It allows you to query MQTT clients, sessions, send messages, add new authentication keys and so on. You can also query and monitor the connected devices.

We have carefully selected the most useful communication that is needed between any application and its broker to provide you the best management experience/functionality. The following are the list of interactions available now

  • Send message to any specific device.
  • Send message to all devices based on subscription.
  • Add a MQTT Device Authentication username and password dynamically from your application.
  • Remove a MQTT Device Authentication String from the MQTT Broker.
  • Get the list of all devices which includes both connected and not connected.
  • Get the list of active devices connected right now to the MQTT Broker.
  • Obtain the list of subscriptions.
  • Get the recent messages published by the devices.
  • Obtain the list of recent commands sent to a device.
  • Get the count of clients connected.
  • Get the WILL Topics.

For more details on the API, refer to the MQTT Broker API page

One of our customers, FAB Controls is an IoT solution provider UK. They provides IoT solutions to the lighting and energy industries. EmMonIT is their elite solution for emergency lighting control. Their emergency lighting control device is efficacious in monitoring lighting steadily to set the seal on operating successfully. MQTT broker plays an indispensable role in their emergency monitoring solution. MQTT broker acts as a central broker in this client server model. It collects data from lighting control devices. And pushes it to Google pubsub to create simple and real-time visualization of data. Besides this, as MQTT broker supports REST APIs, the lighting control devices can be controlled & monitored from the manager application. This provides a virtual foolproof emergency lighting by enabling them to constantly check the status of emergency lighting anywhere at anytime.

Unsolicited Messages:

MQTT Broker now supports sending of unsolicited messages to the edge device. Yes, you read it right. You can now send and receive data / messages to any specific device for a topic for which the client is not already subscribed to. This is an enhancement to support device development platforms like Telit. Send the REST API calls to /clientsend with the target device, topic provided by the device for receiving unsolicited messages, message, QoS (Quality of Service) and Retain as required.

We have also added an advanced custom implementation inside the /lib folder of the product to send the data received into your Python class file to process it in a better way.

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