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Bevywise IoT Platform Enhanced with Multi-Language Support

by Hema | Jul 13, 2021 | Device manager, IoT Platform | 0 comments

multi language platform

We at Bevywise have been working hard to ensure & make processes & application more efficient and to make things easier for the people involved. In that case we have added Multi-Language support to the Bevywise IoT Platform which enables people to present & view data in their desired language & work with ease.

Play with Multi-Language Functionality

While it would be acceptable if there was only one language involved in any application dashboard, the fact remains that every organization/business have their own preferred means of displaying data in their IoT Dashboard.

For example, Units & Preferences of applications will change from country to country, organization to organization or even person to person. Hence we provide multi-language support with the IoT Platform which permits users to present & view the published data in their preferred language that works for them. Also, they can name their created dashboard, widgets, reports and parameters/units in their own language. It is now easy to localize visualization to your shop floor.


Speak your Customers Language

Having access to Multi-Language support can make customers feel convenient & satisfied. It extends comfort to your customers by presenting the data in their native language. You can easily impress & delight them by making your application’s user interface speak your customer’s language. Provide a unique & personalized experience for your customers.

Try Signing up for FREE

We have a trial set up of device manager for trying IoT platform for FREE. You can connect your devices & start with your implementation. Try playing with multi-language functionality. Contact our team now to try our IoT Platform.

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