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Ready to take off from a shared server to a dedicated one?

by Hema | Jun 04, 2020 | CrystalMQ | 0 comments

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IoT is already getting implemented in most industries especially making a large impact on manufacturing, healthcare, retail to solve the sticky, true world complications. But the voyage to build / integrate the powerful IoT / IIoT applications is almost always equally messy. To get the IoT / IIoT applications or projects up and running, a best-of-breed dedicated server that provides building application at the edge is decisive. And also the complete hosted & dedicated MQTT server that provides the fully managed & deployment service is needed to build a complete solution. Moreover, a completely rigid platform that seeks to resolve the need for any vertical is necessary. We at Bevywise always strive to lead the way with better solutions for developers / service providers in the real world. Hence we launch CrystalMQ, the Hosted MQTT Broker on a dedicated cloud to run a powerful IoT / IIoT Application. This articles explains what more the Hosted MQTT Broker can do for you to run a powerful application.

Why do you need a dedicated MQTT server?

Distinct and persistently varying customer requirements demand high-quality solution providers. The customer does a significant amount of analysis in the market in picking the leading framework indispensable to fulfill their implementation. Ultimately, this amplifies the overall maintenance cost, upgrade, and managing of multiple services and servers for your solution. The framework by giant established players like AWS, Google Cloud & Azure permits developers to build an absolute solution with the power to choose an index of back-end storage and the processing engine needed. The initial price of the communication engine is affordable, but you will end up paying more if you need multiple services. Moreover, a shared server is budget-friendly much benefitting for small-scale businesses. However, it allows multiple users to be hosted on a single server. This will end up provoking performance & security issues. Hence a dedicated MQTT server that is exclusively true-blue to one is decisive. This circumvents the disparity between customers and customer services in selecting the first-rate dedicated framework.

Make Sense of your MQTT Data

A key feature to run the powerful IoT application is the perfect data messaging between IoT devices and the cloud. Most of the solution providers use MQTT as their standard messaging protocol. But the power of MQTT data is truly revealed only when it is visually available for users / Business decision-makers. A second-to-none dashboard that displays live information from devices is decisive. However, the giant cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud,, and other services like CloudMQTT provide only MQTT messaging and they do not provide a dashboard to view the messages. In that case, CrystalMQ comes up with the technical MQTT Dashboard to view & manage devices, topics, messages, and errors along with Live updates and stored historical data.

And also, those who use MQTT in their applications need to set up and run the MQTT Broker on their own server. Some feel much more complicated to spend time in setting up and running the server. This sticky process can be overcome by using the hosted MQTT server. Hosted MQTT Server will completely automate every part of the setup & running of their MQTT Broker. This helps them focus on their IoT / IIoT application building. Hosted MQTT server leaves the sticky server management & monitoring to the experts. In addition, the hosted MQTT Broker lets them advance even speedy as it put an end to running their own MQTT Broker.

Commitment to security

In the epoch of IoT, millions of devices are connected over the internet. But the access to connected things manifests lots of sensitive data and gives rise to many risks. Data risks/data theft may cause a significant amount of loss to the particular Business / Organization & thus the data must be protected. Hence Security is of supreme importance for all IoT applications. As a solution provider, we have a great responsibility in providing security & privacy for our customers’ data. Therefore, we are following the industry’s best practices for securing data transfer. CrystalMQ, in that regard, is a secured MQTT Server application that uses the Bevywise MQTT Broker. In order to secure data during transfer, we provide the dedicated MQTT Server with options to enable SSL / TLS for secure M2M communication. Moreover, Bevywise MQTT Broker is built with an additional layer of security which provides options to connect your edge devices more securely with MQTT Authentication. You will use a common-auth key and token for all devices or for a particular group of devices or unique keys and tokens for each device. This ensures encrypted data transfer at each point.

Perfectly managed MQTT Broker service

CrystalMQ, the hosted MQTT Broker on a dedicated cloud will be the first-ever choice for businesses who needs to run a powerful IoT / IIoT application easier & faster. It is an affordable framework for device manufacturers to get their solutions built by themselves. The framework comes up with the secured MQTT Server application, options to deploy their AI / ML code on the server, and widgets that can be used to build your complete user interface. As the need for a user interface varies with industrial / business requirements a stable dashboard will not be a sufficient one for data management & analysis. Moreover, a powerful application needs a flexible & customizable dashboard that allows users to build it based on their own needs. Hosted MQTT Broker comes up with advanced data hooks to customize UI that allows users to build it based on their own needs for better manageability.

CrystalMQ eliminates & simplifies the management of a scalable, reliable, and secure Hosted MQTT broker service with easier deployment. The dedicated infrastructure makes it easy in one’s mind that has predictable performance since the infrastructure is not shared with other customers. As of now, we use Google Cloud servers for hosting the MQTT broker. In the future, we will support integration with other cloud services as well.

Building any IoT / IIoT Application should 100% cover the complete requirements of Industrial / Business needs. The above-mentioned functionalities specific to the hosted MQTT server are necessary to build an influential IoT / IIoT Application.

Try signing up with CrystalMQ to make the best use of the hosted MQTT Server with its full-fledged features.

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