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Bevywise IoT Simulator — Windows Support , Simulator API & More..

by Ranjith Kumar DSM | Dec 13, 2016 | Announcement, MQTT simulation | 0 comments

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We have been working hard to make the simulation tools more comfortable for the testers and development professionals. Hence, we enhanced Windows MQTT Simulator to help you simulate MQTT Devices to develop , test & demo real world MQTT Brokers and MQTT Devices. Previously we had support only for the Linux operating Systems. But With this version, the Simulator can be used in windows 7,8 & 10 and Server . The highlights of version 2 are:

Windows MQTT Simulator

The simulator can now run on 32 bit and 64 bit windows Operating System in addition to already support Linux.

Controlled Simulation with Simulator API

You can automate to run Windows MQTT Simulator on a test bed and can be remotely controlled using the API. In addition, you can dynamically create a new MQTT Device and connect to your broker under test , you can send new messages from an existing client , and more with the new API. To know the detailed steps of creating a new device, connecting it to the broker and sending messages using API, kindly refer to our Simulator API documentation.

Download the pre build clients for Python using the link.

Enhanced Performance & Stability

This update brings a lot of fixes and performance enhancements to the simulator. The simulator takes the CSV (colon separated values) as input to simulate the devices.

You can simulate more than tens of thousands of devices in a single machine. However with the beta 2 version of the simulator you can simulate up to 2000 clients in both subscribers and publishers. Download the Windows MQTT Simulator.

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