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5 reasons to choose an IoT Platform over MQTT Broker

by Ranjith Kumar DSM | May 31, 2018 | IoT Platform | 0 comments

iot platform

IoT and Industry 4.0 together pave the way for smart industrial developments. And every industry needs a dedicated & personalized IoT/Industry 4.0 implementation. Even within a specific industry in medium and large enterprises, there are cases where the processes may require customization or a custom implementation of the solution. Such requirements result in millions of distinct IoT implementations in the entire world. In order to build cost effective solutions, these million implementations will need a central M2M engine (MQTT Broker) or an IoT Platform.

This blog helps you identify whether you need an IoT Platform or simple MQTT Broker to get start with implementation.

Save Money on your IoT Implementation :

The IoT Platform provides everything that needs to be a part of the central M2M communication, Data Storage, REST APIs and more, in order to run a complete solution for any IoT automation. Using an IoT Platform as part of your implementation will have more advantages and higher cost savings than using MQTT Broker. This makes your server ready without spending a huge amount of money and time on implementing the same.

Easy scale up:

IoT Platforms are designed and built with scaling up your IoT Solution to handle millions of devices. But, most platforms are micro services-based allowing you to deploy only the service you need. In the industrial implementation, there are two scenarios.

  • Less number of devices and more messages per device
  • Lot of devices and lower frequency of messages per device.

You can deploy higher connections and higher message rates with components of platform accordingly as per the situation. This is something not possible with the broker unless you go for some huge customization of the broker.

Multi tenancy for your IoT Implementation:

Bevywise IoT Platform comes with multi-tenancy. Most solutions today require more than one customer and you cannot have one instance per customer. Besides that Most industrial scenarios need Multi-tenancy. Platforms implement multi-tenancy from devices using different set of authentication keys, data processing & storage, and data analytics based on the organization.

Faster Time to market:

The core of any IoT Implementation is the edge device and the management of the devices using your mobile application. The IoT platforms provide REST-based APIs and SDKs for the faster mobile application and other application integration. The platform helps to get you the complete IoT Solution up and running in days.

High Availability of IoT Platform:

IoT Platform comes with an in-built monitoring and self healing tools. The platform monitoring tools help in keeping the Dev-ops team informed of the server health. Configuring the self-healing tools based on CPU and Memory usage enables the Bevywise IoT Platform service to restart services. This ensures its reliable operation.

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