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Starting Bevywise Networks – An IoT Company

by Ranjith Kumar DSM | Jul 13, 2016 | Announcement | 3 comments


How many of us are happy to do a boring mundane Job again and again ? No one is ready for it today and every one of us want to get everything done in few seconds.

We just want to do the must do tasks. Not today, if you take the whole of the human history, it is true.

If you take a deeper look at the whole of the Industrial revolution, there were only two major ideas that changed the way everything were until now.

  • Mechanising the mundane and repetitive work humans were doing till then.
  • Reducing the way we do physical and mechanised work.

Every task we do for getting things done can be split into multiple micro tasks. If you look again closer, not every micro task we do is mandatory and can be avoided. Early in my career, I worked as an Industrial engineer in a Garment factory. The core objective is to make everyone productive. The experience and the thought process I had during this time made me to look at every task in a way to increase productivity.

When I first heard about IoT and the benefits it can bring into every industry in terms of productivity, I thought I should do some tools that should help people do things much better. But the world is moving fast towards a much more connectedness with IoT. It is very easy to remove all mundane tasks with IoT.

I left Zoho 6 months back to start an IoT company, Bevywise Networks with an ambition to create devices, sensors and softwares that can help people get things done with ease. I am happy to share today the first small step we have taken in the direction.

We started with writing of C based Implementation for the MQTT Protocol for the IoT devices & Sensors. In the course of development, the idea of simulation crossed over and we have slightly tweaked our stack with a Python interface to create powerful Simulation Software for the MQTT Protocol.

Yes, we are with our first beta product and I believe it will be ready for announcement this week. I will write a separate post on the Simulator Product and our road map once the product is ready.

We have a good stack written for the MQTT Protocol and started our analysis on the hardware requirement. Our plan as of now is to focus more on one specific industry and then broaden it to diversify the tools. I believe we will be able to reduce loads of unwanted / unproductive tasks across the world with our IoT company.


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