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Product Support

All Bevywise products purchased comes with a one year of support and upgrades. Email is the primary mode of raising the tickets. We have a 24 X 5 support policy for the products. You will get a response within 24 working hours and the resolution will happen based on the issue / feature requested. In most cases, we will have the resolution done within 48 working hours.

If you are looking for consulting for your IoT Solution beyond the Bevywise Products, you have to use the Solution support. However, one hour of free consulting including the complete demo of the product either during evaluation or post purchase will be provided along with the product purchase for your solution. Tickets can be sent to [email protected]. The Support contract can be extended by paying 20% of the license fee every year from the Second year.

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Deployment / Production Support

MQTT Broker, IoT Platform, MQTT Gateway and Modbus Gateway are the products that have the production support. These products are deployed on the customer location or on the cloud. These products work along with the customer devices or customer hardware and its firmware. These products usage and the load is based on the number of messages the customer process per second along with the combination of the device / server configuration. These products already comes with the necessary tools to manage the production environment.

Production support covers the best practices of supporting by providing necessary tools & training for 3 months from the date of product purchase. We will provide 24 X 7 support for all our products. We do work on a response time of 24 hours and resolution of 48 hours based on issues or functionalities.Only a few editions of the products have the option of Production support. Please refer to the pricing page of the corresponding products for more details.

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Solutions Support

IoT Implementation does not stop at the framework or the server level. As IoT Experts, we do help our customers build their end solution. We provide a 30 minutes of free consultation for our paid customers to enable them to plan for their solution. Beyond the FREE Consulting, we do take up premium consulting options, the FEE for the premium consulting is based on the solution they are building and the technology used. We do take up projects to customize our frameworks to their requirements as professional services. The Solutions support is available 24 X 5.

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Email Support

We are offering some of the products for FREE to be used for the educational and non-commercial purposes. Students and other customers who are using these products can always raise their questions to [email protected]. Ask questions, Get answers and connect with our experts and other IoT Implementors to explore the world. Post your queries to get a free support.