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Customizable Advanced Reports for your WIP Manager 1.0

by Hema | Oct 18, 2021 | WIP, Industry4.0 | 0 comments

advanced reports

It has been just less than a month, since we released our initial version of fully digitized WIP Manager. And now, we are back with the super cool update on it. Can you guess?? YES!! WIP Manager is now ungraded to generate work-in-progress reports (WIP reports). Also, we are rolling out new premium version of WIP manager comprising of two editions. Let us see in detail about the new exciting features."

Visually track your Work-in-progress

A production manager’s daily work-in-progress schedule will always be overwhelming. It is not always easy to keep tabs on all the production targets, a manufacturing team is working on, comparing WIP at each production process and each parts.

So what if there is a one-stop solution for production managers to get WIP details in one screen? WIP reports will be a right one which enables users to visually compare & get WIP count at each process stages, compare scrap & rejection count, WIP count at production stages. Reports can be generated on a daily, weekly, monthly & yearly basis based on your preference.

You can find reports for

  • WIP change trend
  • Rejection trend
  • Production trend

WIP Change Trend

As a production manager, user should stay updated about the product movements. The changes each process undergone in terms of inward & outward is necessary to plan for the upcoming target schedules. WIP change trend report showcases what is the remaining material count available in each process stages in a specific time frame.

This helps production managers to rightly execute their production schedules by exactly knowing the trend in Work-in-progress change.

wip change trend

Rejection Trend

The materials involved in the manufacturing process is either sent to the Rejection or Scrap when they fail to meet the quality standards. The materials in the rejection can be reworked for rectification of defects whereas the materials sent to scrap can not be reworked further and it is completely discarded. The rejection trend chart compares the scrap & rejection count for a specific time period. Tracking & handling the rejections can be a hassle for production managers unless they have a rejection chart which helps them exactly know how many materials are reworked and how many materials are thrown off as scrap also to make a plan to fill the gap & achieve their production target.

rejection trend

Production Trend

Knowing the exact count of materials present at each process level and comparing it with each process is essential to understand the real performance of a process, particularly with regard to the established target. The production trend report visually displays the outward count of materials at each process level for a specific time period. It differs with WIP change trend report in comparing the process level with the inward count rather than displaying the remaining material count (inward – outward).

production trend

Launching Premium Plans

Since launching WIP manager initial version, we’ve have been thrilled with how manufacturing industries are interested to digitally track their WIP. Hence as a part of our revised features and enhancements, today we are excited to announce the PREMIUM version of WIP Manager.

The PREMIUM version includes two affordable & simple perpetual pricing plans, SME Edition & Enterprise Edition.

SME Edition – This plan includes all available features with restriction to the number of users & processes. It comprise of 5 processes & 15 users. SME Edition is ideal for all small & medium sized businesses.

Enterprise Edition – This plan includes all available features with no restriction to the users & processors. That is, it comprise of unlimited processors & users. The enterprise edition is ideal for large business enterprises.

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