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Introducing Cloud Smart Factory - A gateway to manufacturing excellence

by Ponlakshmi | Feb 23, 2024 | MES, Industry 4.0 | 0 comments

benefits behind digitization

In the dynamic landscape of modern manufacturing, effective coordination and real-time management are crucial elements for success. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) play a pivotal role in optimizing production processes, facilitating seamless communication, and ensuring efficient resource utilization. As industries evolve, the adoption of MES becomes imperative for enhancing productivity and maintaining a competitive edge.

With the aim of aiding manufacturers in overcoming challenges and reaching greater heights, we are excited to introduce Bevywise Cloud Smart Factory, a revolutionary solution transforming digital manufacturing control. This blog explores the importance of MES, showcasing features for streamlined operations and heightened efficiency.

Production Planning

Our Cloud Smart Factory empowers manufacturers to effortlessly coordinate and oversee production activities across various shifts, ensuring a seamlessly synchronized operation at all times. Additionally, it enables the organization and planning of work orders according to designated shifts, ensuring a steady and consistent workflow throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Material Movement & Tracking

Manufacturers can attain a comprehensive overview of raw material status and availability throughout the inventory and each phase of the production line. They have the capability to receive alerts or alarms regarding material requests from different departments, notifying relevant stakeholders like inventory managers or the procurement team. Additionally, they can preconfigure the relationship between materials and end products, ensuring strict control over resource allocation and utilization.

WIP Management

Within WIP Management, our solution excels in providing uninterrupted visibility, enabling precise inventory monitoring, and ensuring efficient utilization of production materials. Leveraging robust inventory controls, our cloud smart factory regulates WIP material flow, preventing overstocking or shortages at crucial production stages. This comprehensive approach enhances operational efficiency, contributing to a streamlined and optimized manufacturing workflow.

Quality Measurement & SPC

Quality control is an essential aspect of manufacturing, and our MES solutions make it seamless. Manufacturers benefit from real-time visibility and the ability to monitor quality trends using statistical methods such as Statistical Process Control (SPC). This allows them to predict and detect variations, trends, and anomalies that could potentially impact product quality, enabling proactive preventive actions. Additionally, manufacturers can establish quality standards before commencing the production process, facilitating the identification and removal of products or components that do not meet these predetermined quality benchmarks.

Maintenance Management

Within the realm of maintenance management, our system enables operators to swiftly initiate maintenance requests directly from the operator interface or mobile devices. Additionally, they can document machine malfunctions, performance issues, or any anomalies observed during the production process, offering comprehensive descriptions of the maintenance requirements and specifying the particular machine involved. Furthermore, the maintenance team can meticulously plan and execute scheduled maintenance tasks, guaranteeing the continuous and optimal performance of production machines.

Why choose Bevywise Cloud Smart Factory?

Following are the compelling reasons to opt for Bevywise Cloud Smart Factory:

  • Access critical manufacturing data anytime, anywhere, fostering a globally connected workflow and enabling remote monitoring and management.
  • Predictive analytics facilitates efficient decision-making by foreseeing potential challenges and optimizing processes before they arise.
  • Manufacturers possess the capability to define and configure all production processes and departments within a manufacturing line, allowing for the management of workflow sequences and operational procedures.
  • Additionally, they can establish precise parameters for cycle times, production intervals, and operational timing constraints, which are essential for optimizing production schedules and streamlining workflow processes.
  • The system facilitates manufacturers in systematically tracking, analyzing, and addressing production interruptions as well as quality issues by pre-defining downtime reasons and quality rejection criteria.
  • Manufacturers can seamlessly onboard customers and vendors, fostering streamlined customer engagement, enhanced supply chain visibility, efficient procurement operations, and collaborative supply chain management.
  • The system empowers manufacturers to assign specific roles and permissions to employees, defining access privileges, task responsibilities, and functional authorizations. This ensures controlled data access and operational security, safeguarding sensitive production data.

Tailoring insights for enhanced efficiency with Personalized Dashboards

Bevywise Cloud Smart Factory sets the stage for enhanced operational efficiency with personalized dashboards, providing each role within the manufacturing process a tailored interface for optimized decision-making and improved overall performance.

1. Supervisor Dashboard

Supervisors gain real-time visibility into machine status, production metrics, and overall performance, enabling efficient decision-making. With control over workforce allocation, proactive maintenance scheduling, and a quick response mechanism to breakdowns, supervisors can optimize operations seamlessly.

Supervisor dashboard

2. Operator Dashboard

Operators benefit from features such as rejection record generation, streamlined material requests, and independent initiation of maintenance tickets. This empowers them to manage quality, inventory, and machine issues efficiently, contributing to a smoother production flow.

Operator dashboard

3. Top Management Dashboard

Top management receives a comprehensive overview of the entire production process, from work order creation to execution. Key insights into machine-wise and department-wise data, maintenance details, and strategic metrics offer a holistic snapshot for informed decision-making at a glance.

Top management dashboard

4. Maintenance Dashboard

The Maintenance Dashboard streamlines ticket management, offering detailed insights into machine performance and proactive monitoring of pending issues. Categorization by priority ensures optimal resource allocation, promoting efficiency within the maintenance team.

Maintenance dashboard

5. Department Head Dashboard

Department Heads leverage real-time insights for monitoring planned vs actual production, managing production plans, and simplifying material requests. Machine-wise data, department reports, and quality assurance features foster data-driven decision-making and continuous process improvement.

Department head dashboard

Thus, our Cloud Smart Factory revolutionizes manufacturing with real-time insights and streamlined processes.

Experience the benefits firsthand—reach out to our team for a personalized demo. Contact us today to embark on the future of connected and optimized production.

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