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enrich curriculum

Curriculum Enrichment

Elevates educational institutions' curriculum by infusing cutting-edge IoT content. This enhancement ensures that students receive up-to-date and industry-aligned education, equipping them with relevant skills for the evolving IoT landscape.

bridge industry gap

Bridging Academia and Industry

The Bevywise CoE serves as a crucial bridge between academia and industry. It provides students with opportunities for practical exposure to real-world IoT applications and challenges, helping them understand industry needs and trends. This bridge enhances students' employability and facilitates smoother transitions into IoT-related careers.

Industry collaboration

Industry Collaboration

Through Bevywise's CoE, educational institutions can collaborate with industry partners on research projects and practical initiatives. This collaboration fosters an environment of innovation, where faculties and students can work on industry-relevant projects, thereby contributing to IoT advancements.

Tech-ready abilities

Tech-Ready Abilities

Enable students a unique chance to thrive in Industry 4.0 domains such as AI/ML, data science, and cybersecurity, while also imparting them with essential knowledge in Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and sensors, which are indispensable for industrial functions. These skills provide a competitive edge in the job market & empower students to tackle future tech and cybersecurity challenges.

The CoE Model

Lab Setup - Essentials

Software Applications
Simulation Tools
2 Day Training

Lab Setup - Mid Level

All of Essentials +
IoT Devices & Sensors
4 Day Training

Lab Setup - Advanced
Industry 4.0

All of Mid Level
PLC + Industry 4.0
2 Weeks Training

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