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explore iot applications

Explore Real-World IoT Applications

Empower students to delve into practical IoT scenarios, providing hands-on experience in exploring real-world IoT applications. This hands-on approach enables a deeper understanding of how IoT technology is shaping various industries and its potential impact on the world.

foster iot research

Foster IoT Experiments & Research

Enables students to conduct IoT experiments and engage in research projects. This fosters a spirit of innovation and problem-solving, allowing students to explore their ideas, make discoveries, and contribute to the field of IoT through academic and research achievements.

enhance research success

Enhance Academic and Research Success

Bevywise IoT's educational solutions bolster students' academic success by providing a platform to showcase their expertise. This not only elevates their educational journey but also contributes to research accomplishments, expanding their academic horizons and future opportunities.

IoT For Education Bundles

Research Edition

Available exclusively to students and faculty

  • Enabled high customization using python
  • Implement data analysis & advanced data presentation
  • Single User license
  • IoT Simulator and IoT Platform provided.

Special Edition

The most common license for single user


  • Exclusively for a Single User
  • Simulator or MQTT Broker for local installation
  • Single user license with 6 months validity for 100 clients
  • IoT Simulator or MQTT Broker provided.

University Edition

For management ideal to share among institution

  • Common server to value student based on project
  • Simulator & custom MQTT clients for their application
  • Central server license with multiple student access
  • IoT Simulator and IoT Platform provided.

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