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elevate academic excellence

Elevate Academic Excellence

Enrich the academic experience of students by providing them with a deep understanding of IoT and enabling them to excel in IoT-related coursework and enhance their career prospects.

industry relevant skills

Research Prospects & Industry Relevance

Faculties can engage in IoT research, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in this rapidly evolving field. Meanwhile, graduates acquire skills that are in high demand in the job market, positioning them as competitive candidates for coveted IoT-related positions.

address challenges with iot competence

Address challenges with IoT Competence

Empower students and faculties with a robust comprehension of IoT principles, equipping them to confront real-world challenges effectively. They can harness this knowledge to proactively address pressing global concerns and industry-specific problems.

IoT Training Model

Training - Essential

Simulation Tools
IoT Devices & Sensors
2 Weeks

Training - Mid Level

All of Essentials +
PLC + Industry 4.0
1 Month

Integrated Course

Advanced Lab Set up
Training of Faculty & Students
Into curriculum

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